• 5 Reasons Getting A House Built is Better Than Buying One

    5 Reasons Getting A House Built Is Better Than Buying One Every person on earth dreams to have a home of his own. Having one means that you have achieved a great milestone in your adult life. It gives you pride of ownership, comfort and emotional security. If you intend to have one, there is […]

  • Where you can build wooden houses

    You are fascinated by the grace and warmth transmitted by those delicious wooden housesprefabricated, which are often seen in the images of northern European and American urban fabrics? How to blame you, they are compact, colored to the right point, with a woody effect that makes so much warm atmosphere from home fireplace. In addition, […]

  • How to build a wooden house in times of crisis

    The brick houses have reached unattainable prices. A pair of temporary workers will never be able to pay a mortgage without a life of hardship. The Italian real estate market, which is at a standstill at the moment, does not lower prices. I often consulted with the sector operators. Many of them have seen their […]