How to build a wooden house in times of crisis

The brick houses have reached unattainable prices. A pair of temporary workers will never be able to pay a mortgage without a life of hardship. The Italian real estate market, which is at a standstill at the moment, does not lower prices.

I often consulted with the sector operators. Many of them have seen their earnings significantly reduced. Houses sell little and badly. But the owners do not intend to lower prices. And yet it is a bubble inflated out of proportion : there are apartments and houses that are not worth the price they ask for.

Then many are organizing themselves to build a wooden house . A friend of mine, with two children, is looking for a piece of land to buy in the tuscia roamana and has already consulted the suppliers. Another friend, in the province of Avellino, built a wooden house of fifty square meters in one month and cost him 30 thousand euros. He then uploaded the photos illustrating the construction from Facebook to the roof.

Want to know how it’s done? The Consolidated Building Code states that a building permit is required for the construction of each building for residential use. The list also includes mobile homes on wheels (if permanent) and even boats on trailers. At the same time, many municipal regulatory plans provide for the possibility of constructing artifacts on agricultural land.

In Roman tuscia, for example, 40 square meters of agricultural artefact can be made for each hectare of land (average cost 15-20 thousand euros). Maximum height: 3 meters and twenty. Furthermore, it is possible to build about 10 meters of porch. A small house, in short. Which can cost from 7 thousand to 20 euros , depending on the material you use. On the Internet there are numerous sites that sell wooden houses: is one of the most popular.